About us

Interfirm Consulting has been conceived with a simple, yet powerful mission – to act on, work with, and help manage brands as an strategic advisory using a holistic approach to communications in its entirety including advertising, market research, media relations, direct contact programs, events, consumer loyalty programs, product related promotions and online marketing.

All this can work, and work successfully only keeping one objective in mind – to help create an extra value proposition (EVP) for a brand that in effect becomes its unique selling proposition (USP) in an otherwise product parity market. In other words, create an intangible value around the brand, which is also the result of its communications delivery mechanism, using a differentiated media approach.

Simply put, Interfirm Consulting's modus-operandi regarding its work approach towards advising on and managing brands for all clients can be summed up in one appropriate phrase : “Different strokes for different folks”.